Student Schedule: What will student schedules look like on the days when they are not face-to-face?

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All students (and their families) will receive a weekly schedule before the week begins. This schedule or "playlist" will include links to the lesson objectives, lesson activities (syncrhonous and asynchronous), the independent practice, and assessments. All of this information will be accessed through the learning management system. The face-to-face and the remote/virtual schedules will be coupled. As a result, instruction will be blended in the face-to-face portion (i.e., there will be some regular synchronous presentation and activities and there will be independent work for students to complete with the opportunity to receive extra in-person assistance from the teacher). The students at home will be experiencing a similiar schedule with some synchronous meetings (for the presentation of lesson and collaborative activities which will be with done with the in-person students) and asynchronous work. We feel it is important to maintain the face-to-face instruction and build the relationships with teachers that are so critical to student success.