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Student Creates First Braille Menu for Local Restaurant


Have you met Acacia Bragg?
She’s a high school student with a heart you will never forget!

Those that know Acacia, already know how amazing she is.
For those that haven’t had an opportunity to interact with this remarkable student that is currently a senior at Havelock High School, you’re missing out!

Yesterday, Acacia presented Captain Ratty’s Seafood & Steakhouse with a special gift she created based on a need she encountered. Not only did she address the need but she also wanted to be able to help others.

Acacia is visually impaired and after visiting several downtown establishments last summer she quickly learned that most restaurants do not offer menus in braille.

Acacia asked for a copy of Captain Ratty’s menu and decided to take it upon herself to create this much-needed menu so when other visually impaired patrons visited the restaurant they would be able to read what was available.

Chef Smoke, along with co-owner Carol Stubbs, were very grateful for Acacia’s gift and we’re excited that she had chosen their place to offer the first braille menu in downtown New Bern.

Mrs. Stubbs shared, “we are truly honored that Acacia chose Captain Ratty’s and we invite her to come back to assist Chef Smoke in the kitchen.”

Acacia’s parents shared how wonderful the Craven County Schools staff has been in accommodating Acacia and have provided her with many great learning opportunities. A special thank you to Mrs. Joffee for her dedication and heart and Mrs. Barber for her passion, you both are amazing educators!

Acacia, we are extremely proud of you and all of your accomplishments and look forward to hearing more of your many achievements.