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2021-2021 Beginning Teacher of the Year Named

Congratulations to Mrs. Chasity Hargrove
Our 2021-22 Craven County Beginning Teacher of the Year (BTOY) is no ordinary beginning teacher. Mrs. Chasity Hargrove, first-grade teacher at Arthur Edwards Elementary, has proven herself to be so much more. She has exceeded expectations as a regular education teacher and proven herself to be a leader in the profession. Chasity displays a strong desire not to be complacent and strives every day to be better than the day before. Her love for children shines in the classroom as she models love and respect to all while holding her students to the same expectation. Chasity’s ability to connect with her students is superior. She takes the time to build relationships with each one. In addition, she establishes camaraderie and has a wonderful rapport with her colleagues and parents. She has created an effective professional learning community at her school that works together for the best interest of her students as well as all students at AWE. These are just a few things that I have observed during my visits as her mentor; however, these qualities are documented to be seen daily as noted below from her principal, colleagues, and parents. 
Mrs. Thompson, principal at AWE, stated Chasity Hargrove is an amazing 1st-grade teacher. She is passionate about growing the whole child. Mrs. Hargrove is in her 2nd year here at AWE. She came to us as a parent and we were very excited last year when she applied to join our family as a teacher. She takes new ideas that will influence the way her students learn and incorporates those ideas into the working systems in her classroom. Parents have stated that she is the reason their child is successful in school. Teachers have said that she has the natural gift of teaching. She is an inspiration to beginning and veteran teachers.
Mrs. Jennifer Currie, her colleague, and parent shared how Mrs. Hargrove leads the teaching profession as a veteran despite her beginning teacher status. She raises the confidence of the most reluctant learners and leaves her students longing to attend school each day. As a parent, she has transformed my struggling learner’s school experience into one full of promise and achievement. Her enthusiasm to reach the whole child and her ability to connect with ALL children is commendable. She informs her classroom instruction based on data and differentiates to meet the unique needs of all her students. As a colleague, she expresses her enthusiasm for teaching by sharing strategies and proven methods to improve instruction across grade levels. Mrs. Hargrove is committed to the success of all students at AWE, not just those sitting in her classroom. Chasity Hargrove is an asset to the students, parents, and staff at AWE and there is no one more deserving of the recognition of Beginning Teacher of the Year (BTOY).
We would like to congratulate Mrs. Chasity Hargrove for this very deserving recognition. We are proud of you and all you have accomplished as you support Arthur W. Edwards Wildcats in reaching great success. Continue to let your passion drive your work in creating a culture of excellence for the staff, students, and the Havelock Community.