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Craven County Schools 2021-2022 Principal of the Year is Announced

Press Release

October 7, 2021

Craven County Schools Recognizes New Principal of the Year

 New Bern, NC- On October 8, 2021, during a surprise announcement Mrs. Stacie Friebel, Principal of Havelock High School, was named the 2021-2022 Principal of the Year (POY) for Craven County Schools. In her role as Principal of the Year, she will serve as the local advisor to the Board of Education and will represent Craven County Schools in local, regional, and state events. Mrs. Friebel was one of three finalists that interviewed with a local selection committee on October 4th.

 During the selection process, Mrs. Friebel shared her school’s slogan “Love All Serve All”, which drives the work they do at Havelock High School.  As a school, they started a process for identifying model classrooms within the building that can serve as a support system for both Havelock High School and the district. During her time as principal, she has established a way to recognize and celebrate outstanding classrooms and teachers by creating the “Friebel Focus” newsletter. Mrs. Friebel discussed the importance of creating a culture of academic excellence and using the framework for continuous improvement. She stated, “continuous improvement is what great leaders do”.

When asked what event in your administrative career left an enduring impression on her, she shared her experience as a first-year principal. A retired principal mentored her and taught her to make sound decisions and guided her in the right direction. She stated, “The beauty of that was he let me learn and grow. He steered me when I needed it and gave me a chance to thrive or fail.” She has taken those lessons learned and models those practices with her assistant principals and teacher leaders.

In her portfolio, she exemplified her leadership style by sharing these thoughts, “School leadership that builds an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect is school leadership that is built on service and humility. I believe that out of all my responsibilities and duties, the most sacred is serving teachers, students, and families. Service manifests itself in different ways.”   

Congratulations to Mrs. Stacie Friebel for this very deserving recognition. We are proud of you and all you have accomplished as you support the Havelock High School Rams in reaching great success. Continue to let your passion drive your work in creating a culture of excellence for staff, students, and the Havelock Community.