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#HelpYourNeighbor Challenge


 Based upon our past circumstances that have devastated our community, we want to empower our students and staff to make an effort to lift our neighbors up from unfortunate situations such as the possibility of Hurricane Dorian making landfall.  In doing so we have created the “Help your neighbor challenge”.

 This activity consists of:

  • Assist a community member in need, after a catastrophic event. Activities can range anywhere from repairing a house to yard  work.
  • Take a picture in action or with the community member (if not distressed).  Upload the picture to social media using #HelpYourNeighborChallenge
  • Have the community member initial your community service sheet.

 This project is completely voluntary and in no way is the school liable for personal injury.  Be careful, stay safe and always be aware of your surroundings.

Activity Sheet