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Transportation update for Day 2


Thank you for a good start to our school year. A few reminders heading into our second day, if your child has not been assigned to a bus, you will need to supply transportation to and from school during the first 10 days. It is our hope that bus assignments will happen sooner however there is no guarantee. Please check PowerSchool under Transportation to find your child’s bus assignment. Once it appears that is your confirmation that your child is assigned to a bus. It will tell you the bus number, bus stop, and approximate time. Please know the bus times may change as more students and stops are added to routes. It is a good habit to check PowerSchool daily to ensure you have the most current time.

Finally, carpool is located off of Racetrack Road. Students should not be dropped off or picked up at any other location. This is for your child’s safety. We recognize that the number of carpool students is large however we expect the number to drop as students are assigned to buses.

If you need to sign your child up for the bus, please pick up a form in the front office of the school to fill out.

Thank you!!