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HJM News Week of Apr 19-23 - For LIVE slide announcements

What a wonderful start to Plan A learning last week. Our Warcubs got to be with ALL of their classmates last Thursday and Friday for the first time all year. Here are some on campus reminders:

Students are not supervised and/or allowed in the building until 8:00 am. For students who walk and/or ride their bikes to school, they should NOT be on campus any earlier than 7:50 for safety reasons.

Carpool students are NOT able to exit their vehicles until after they have completed the morning screening questions AND directed by the carpool staff.

Students are reminded of the Craven County Schools dress code. Students must wear their pants at their waist and no portions of a student’s stomach area should be exposed due to wearing a crop top. Those in violation will be given an opportunity to correct it however repeat offensives will lead to disciplinary action.

**Please note: No lunch deliveries/drop offs will be accepted for students. Students should also bring their fully charged iPads DAILY to school.

Craven Live students who missed the iPad upgrade day last week will need to make plans to come on campus on Wednesday, April 21 to do it!
Times: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Location: Black top in main building

Attention ALL current 6th and 7th graders...
THE H.J. MacDonald is adding SHOW CHOIR next year!!!
Students should check Canvas for the flyer and teaser video! - EOG schedule information. This information pertains to BOTH face to face students and Craven Live! Please click on the link to get informed!!