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HJM News Week of Mar 29 - Apr 1

Announcements for the Week of March 29 - April 1:

Face to face students will start attending school 4 days/wk on April 15, 2021. If you wish to change how your child “attends” school for the remainder of the year, action is REQUIRED!

Action is REQUIRED by midnight on March 31, 2020 if:

You wish to change from Craven Live (100% online) to Plan A (attend school 4 days/wk)

You wish to change from Plan A (attend school 4 days/wk) to Craven Live (100% online)

** It’s important to note that changing between the learning plans may result in a change in your child’s teachers for the last few weeks of school.

Link to CHANGE -

Make up picture day is Wednesday, March 31 from 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm at the HJM gym. If you wish to retake your photo, you must bring back in the proof package for a retake.

Spring Break is Friday, April 2 - Sunday, April 11. School resumes on Monday, April 12 for AA cohort students. ALL students will report to campus daily starting April 15.

iPad Upgrades!!
Student iPads will be upgraded on April 12 - 15. Students must bring in charging cables and bricks when they return their devices.

Craven Live students will need to bring their devices and other materials on campus on Wednesday, April 13 to trade out.
Times: 9 - 12 pm and 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Location: Black top in main building

Have a wonderful, relaxing, and safe Spring Break. Please be sure to take steps to remain healthy during and after your break so that we can finish out the school year together!