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HJM News Week of Feb 22 -26

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Picture Days - THIS WEEK!
Monday and Tuesday, February 22 and 23 - Cohort AA
Wednesday, February 24 - Craven Live Students
Thursday and Friday, February 25 and 26 - Cohort BB

HJM Craven Live students may come by the school on Wednesday (Feb 24) between 9:00 - 3:30 to have their pictures taken, no appointment necessary. Masks must be worn unless EXCEPT during the time the picture is being taken.Craven Live students should REPORT TO THE GYM upon arrival to campus.

Important HEALTH/SAFETY Reminder!!!

Students MUST wear their mask properly while on campus. This means the mask covers their nose and mouth at ALL times. The ONLY exceptions are during the scheduled mask breaks AND during lunch. Students who  repeatedly intentionally disregard this safety measure will lose the opportunity to attend classes on campus.  

Information on Warcub Baseball and Softball is coming!! Stay tuned for timeline and paperwork requirements.