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HJM News - Sept 23-27

Here are the announcements for the Week of Sept 23-27:

Thank you for our support of our World's Finest Chocolate fundraiser. Please continue to send in money. All money is due by October 4. Outstanding balances will impact your child's ability to participate in extra curricular activities at HJM until the fees are paid. This includes sports and dances!

The Fall Open House will take place on Monday, September 23. This is a time for parents to visit their child's classes to receive information on resources to help reinforce learning at home, see work samples your child has completed this year, and get a preview of what's to come. This is NOT a parent/teacher conference night. If you have specific concerns regarding your child's performance, please schedule a conference with the teacher at a later date.

Progress reports will be sent home on Thursday, September 26. Any questions concerning the grades received in a class should be directed to the content teacher. Contacting the teacher FIRST allows you to get answers to your questions the quickest. Remember, you can always log into your PowerSchool throughout the year to monitor your child's grades and attendance. The login information you used in previous years will work this year as well.

Please like our FB page if you haven't already to say current on upcoming events. If you have specific questions please know you can and should call the school. The page is used to push out information however it is not closely monitored for specific questions you may have.

Finally, for parents of students who walk or ride bikes to school, please remind your child to use the cross walks. If a student is on a bike, they should walk the bike across the crosswalk versus riding it. Also, all kids under the age of 16 are required to wear bicycle helmets. It is also not a good idea to wear headphones as it distracts the rider from being able to be as alert as necessary to remain safe.

Now for games this week:

Tuesday, September 24 - Warcubs vs Pamlico Middle - 4:00 pm (Away)

Thursday, September 26 - Warcubs vs Tucker Creek - 5:00 pm (Home- GCF)

Admission - $5