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Updated Dress Code Policy

Grover C. Fields Middle School believes that the dress and personal appearance of students greatly affect their academic performance and their interaction with other students. We expect that parents outfit their children in clothing that is conducive to learning.


Students must be covered from the armpit to mid-thigh. All shirts must have straps at least two fingers in width that go over the shoulders. Students are not to wear hats or any kind of full head covering in the school buildings. Clothing with derogatory, mature or inappropriate messages, including gang-affiliations, are prohibited.


Referred students will be sent to chill-out. If students do not have the necessary clothing to comply with the dress code, they will be allowed to use the telephone to call home for proper clothing. Students who are able to obtain the necessary clothing to comply with the dress code may return to class. Students who cannot obtain clothing to comply with the dress code will spend the remainder of the day in the ISS room.