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Robotics Team: Andrew & David and other 4th Grade Students

Andrew E & David D

are working hard to code their DASH Robot A& D Dash

Andrew is the recorder

A&D both work on the coding

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Robotic 1 Mission 1


Robotic Mission 2


Robotic Mission 3


Robotic Mission 4


Robotic Mission 5


Robitc Animal

Completed Robotic's Competition  

JANUARY 17, 2020

"Tech Team" Andrew & David successfully submitted their evidence for the Qualifying Round in Wonder Robotics' Competition


 Their own created mission 


"Techie Girls"  Timasia & Victorian

Sparks Fly, Mission 1

4th Grade Coders

Mission 1 Cedric and Alyssa

Cedric's Mission

Cedric's Bonus Round

Alyssa and Cedric's Mission