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VFL's Supply List for 2019-2020

Supply List for 2019 - 2020




1 zip-up pencil pouch


1 pack of skinny crayola crayons

1 box - #2 sharpened pencils


1 pack of colored pencils


1 pack of markers



Safety Scissors (Fiskars)- No sharp points

6 glue sticks



1 pair of headphones


2 boxes of Kleenex



1 container of Clorox Wipes


Book bag- no wheels, please


2 Ziplock bags (with zip top not press and seal)

2- Expo dry erase markers-Black

1 pocket folder



1 Spiral Notebook



1 Hand Sanitizer



A change of clothes (shirt, shorts/pants, socks,

underwear in a Zip-Lock bag)

Paint shirt (one of mom or dad’s old shirts will work great)






Crayola crayones (24 pack please)


Regular #2 pencils (no decorative pencils)

Extra erasers for pencils (2 packs)

 (big and small)



(2) 2-pocket folders



(1) 2-pocket folder with brads


Old shirt (for art)




Kleenex (2 boxes)




Jumbo glue sticks




(1) Spiral wide ruled notebook


2 Expo Dry Erase Markers (black or blue)




Soft zipper pencil pouch or pencil box


First Grade Writing Tablet



Clorox Wipes








Change of clothes if needed



Ziploc Bags- follow list below



Boys (bring 1 box of Quart or Gallon Ziploc Bags)

Girls (bring 1 box of Sandwich size Ziploc bags)



3 folders with prongs 1 of each color (red, yellow, blue)

2 composition books (not spiral 2 different colors)

1/2 inch 3-ring binder with pockets

I box of crayons & 1 box of colored pencils

Headphones for ipad & Stylus for ipad

Scissors (round tip)

Pencil pouch (large enough to hold pencils and crayons)

2 glue sticks


Yellow #2 pencils (No decorated pencils)

2 packs wide ruled loose leaf paper

3 boxes of tissue


Ziploc freezer bags (boys-quart; girls-gallon)

Clorox/Lysol wipes





1 Old T-Shirt for Art


4 packages of yellow #2 pencils (no lead pencils or ink pens)

1 package of pencil-top erasers

1 pack of large pink erasers

1 zippered pencil Pouch (not pencil Box)

2 packages of loose-leaf paper (Wide, not college-ruled)

3 "marbled" BOUND composition notebooks


(wide-ruled) -- Not Spiral Notebooks

1 one-inch binder with pockets

4 folders with pockets and brads - Not Plastic


(red, green, blue, yellow)

2 glue sticks

1 box of 16 or 24 crayons

Headphones, PLEASE

2 boxes of tissues

Old shirt for art class labeled with your child's name

Dry erase marker





2 packs of notebook paper

3 packs of pencils


1 pack of Expo markeres

Black sock or Expo marker eraser

1 pair of earbuds or headphones

1 pack of pencil top erasers

1 pencil pouch or box

2 boxes of tissues


2 containers of sanitizing (ysol/lyson) wipes

1 box of quart size bags

1 box of gallon bags & 1 old shirt for Art



3 24-packs of wood pencils

2 glue bottles

4 marble composition notebooks

2 folders (any color)

3 packs of loose-leaf notebook paper

1 pack of expo markers

1 pack of highlighters

1 pack of colored pencils or crayons or markers

3 boxes of tissues

1 container sanitizing (ysol/ysol) wipes

Students with last names A-L; Large hand sanitizer

Students with last names M-Z; Ziploc quart and gallon bags

 1 set of earbuds/headphones

Miss M/Mr. Keith/Mrs. Kelly    
Change of Clothes   Wish List  
2 Boxes of Kleenex   Cardstock (color or white)
Pack of paper plates   Command Hooks (any size)
Computer paper      
Pack of glue sticks      
Box of crayons (thick)      
Pack of Black Expo Markers