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Military & Family Life Consultant (MFLC) Program

Military Testimonials
Military Testimonials

Military children and families discuss their experiences transitioning to Creekside Elementary.

What is the Child & Youth Behavioral Program?

The Child & Yourth Behavioral (CYB) Program is a component of the Military & Family Life Consultant (MFLC) Program.

CYB-MFLC's are:

  • Masters and Ph.D. level MFLC's specializing in child and youth behavioral issues
  • Available at no cost to assist children and youth, parents, family members and staff
  • Available to provide situational, short-term, problem-solving support
  • Dedicated to augmenting existing military support services

Services are private with the exception of duty-to-warn situations. 

How CYB-MLFC's Make a Difference

CYB-MFLC's provide broad-ranging support to military children and youth, and to the family members and other adults who support them. For example, they:

  • Engage in activities with children/youth
  • Provide direct intervention in classroom, camp or family childcare situations, including assisting staff in setting and managing boundaries
  • Model behavioral techniques and provide feedback to staff
  • Are available to staff to discuss interactions with children and other concerns
  • Outreach to parents
  • Facilitate psycho-educational groups at chid and your program sites
  • Conduct parent and staff training sessions

Issuess Addressed by CYB-MFLC's

  • School Adjustment
  • Deployment and Separation
  • Reunion Adjustment
  • Sibling and Parent-Child Communication
  • Behavioral Concerns
  • Fear, Grief and Loss
  • Daily Life Issues

Group session, educational presentations and individual meetings can be arranged. After-hours and weekend appointments are available.


For more infomation contact our School Counselor Jodi Scoggins