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Creekside Carpool Information!

The Landscape Drive issue of blocking other thru traffic vehicles can be eliminated if CES vehicles will follow the following directions.

**If you’re traveling from the Carolina Colours direction on Landscape Dr., please stop at the yellow school sign.  Look to see if you can clear Landscape when turning into the CES driveway.  If you can’t, please wait until you can.  Those that are coming from Old Airport Rd. take turns with the other direction cars when turning into CES.

**Once on CES driveway, pull up as close to the vehicle in front of you so that more vehicles can get into the driveway.

**We are now implementing a double line.  After the intial two rows are filled in front of the the building, fill up the right lane until the intersection where the Spirit rock is. At that point, fill in line on the left just before entering parking lot, leaving enough room to be able to make it into the carpool area. 

Do not block intersection so buses and daycare vans can flow freely. 

All carpool traffic will need to exit out of Old Airport Road.