• Welcome to Preschool

    Welcome to Preschool at Havelock Elementary!

    Mrs. Persilver - Room 311

    We are wild about learning!

  • Welcome Havelock Eagles!

    These beginning years of school are so exciting. There are so many new adventures and "firsts" to experience in preschool. I love teaching, and it is my goal to facilitate a developmentally appropriate, learning environment where our students learn a lot and fall in love with learning! I enjoy seeing their bright faces every morning as they are ready to sponge up all the knowledge they can. We will work diligently to create a safe, comfortable, and fun environment in our classroom where learning and discovery happen naturally.

We are wild about learning!
  • A few things we will be working on the first week of school.....
    -Class rules/expectations: We will have listening ears, nice words, gentle touches, looking eyes, and kind hearts. 
    -Procedures and processes: unpacking our backpack, lunch choice, sitting at carpet time, listening without interrupting, choosing a center, walking in a quiet and straight line,  pushing our chair in, washing our hands, and how to get packed up to go home. 
    -What it means to be a good friend/share/help
    -Get excited about ALL the awesome things they will learn about this year!