• Open eBooks

    Students and teachers can access great book from Open eBooks. Each person can download up to 10 books at once. I have created a video on how to access and use Open eBooks on your iPad. Click the link below to follow a step-by-step video or use the written basic instructions.

    How to use Open eBooks

    Basic Instructions:

    • Open the app
    • Log in with Clever using your school student account
    • Open the app
    • The magnifying glass in the upper right corner allows you to search for books
    • Tap on a book you want to read
    • In the new open small window tap on the Get
    • The book will download into your My Books
    • When you are reading a book you have some options
      • Use your finger to swipe from page to page
      • You can move forward and back
      • Tap the top center of your screen
        • the upper left moves you back to My Books
        • the upper right can change: font, background color, size, and brightness
        • the lower middle shows the page you are on in the chapter/book
    • Moving back into My Books
      • Choose a different book
      • or return the book
        • To return the book tap on the icon of the book NOT Read
        • In the small window tap on Return
        • Choose to ReturnNow
      • or go to Catalog to find a new book
    • Use the Home button to close the window, double click and swipe up on Open eBooks to close the app

    If you have any questions or run into a technical issue please contact me and I will try to help.