Degrees and Certifications:

Joseph L. Burton


NJROTC Course 
COURSE TITLE:  Naval Science 1

Teachers: GySgt Burton

E-mail address: 

GySgt Burton:


Telephone: 252-514-6400

The NJROTC instructors are on campus daily from 7:15 to 4:30 PM.   Messages may also be left at the Main Office for the NJROTC instructors if they are unavailable. Phone calls and e-mails will be returned within 24 hours. NJROTC instructors are available for conferences and discussions with parents in the ROTC Spaces during the 1st Period of each day, you must follow the New Bern HS policy for check-in. Communication by e-mail is highly encouraged or you can also reach out to the Instructor through "Remind". 

Online Learning:

Let me welcome all of the cadets and say that I wish we could all be in the classroom, face to face. In NJROTC,  academics are important but the practical application we learn with hands-on training is essential. Learning to march, wearing the uniform, proper sword and guidon handling, takes time and can only be done when you and I are face to face going through it together.

That being said, we do what we must do. We are in this online learning together! Online learning can be challenging but if you rise up you can overcome and be successful. I am sure all of you will be the young responsible cadets I know you can.


1. Be on time

2. Be at a desk or table for learning. (not your bed)

3. Be visible in our zoom meetings. We must see you in order to be counted present. 

4. Be on time when turning in your assignments. Late assignments -20 pts.

5. Being visible and on time is a weekly graded event. 20 pts per day.