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  • Havelock Middle School


    Heros Dream, Believe, Achieve



    Havelock Middle School's Vision

    The vision of Havelock Middle School is to promote students to high school that are on or above grade level achievement. Students at this school will be able to compete academically with the other middle schools in Craven County, as well as the state and nation. Students will be successful in not just math and reading, they will be successful in all academic and encore settings. This will promote a well rounded, whole child education. To do this, the school will increase it’s average proficiency test scores by ten percent in every grade in the next two years. 

    Additionally, students will be socially and emotionally ready for promotion to high school. Students will not be bullies and will have the ability to respond to bullying on their own through techniques taught during our Advisor Advisee (A2) program. They will be able to communicate in a way that can address conflict without violence or harsh punishments. To do this, every student will have at least one mentoring adult at Havelock Middle School and students will regularly attend A2 programs, while teachers will include social emotional growth opportunities within their daily lessons. Positive student emotional and social survey data of every student will increase to at least 95 percent.   

    Havelock Middle School students will be contributing members of the community in which they live. They will know where and how to volunteer, as well as become leaders and positive followers within community groups. To do this, Havelock Middle School will develop community partnerships and relationships that allows the school’s personnel to better serve every student, every day. Every student at Havelock Middle School will conduct at least two hours of volunteerism a year. 

    Havelock Middle School will prepare todays learners and tomorrows leaders by incorporating advanced technology systems. This will prepare students for the career based world of technology, military and/or for their collegiate road ahead. 



    Havelock Middle School's Mission

    Havelock Middle School’s mission is to create and sustain an environment that ensures every student reaches their fullest potential by possessing the skills to be academically, socially, and emotionally ready for any high school in the nation. Specifically, students will reach a high level of skill in the use of modern technology, successful societal skills, and academic achievement as defined by state and national standards.