• Attendance Overview

    • Attendance Requirements

      Havelock High is committed to strictly adhering to attendance guidelines established by the NC State Board of Education and Craven County Schools.  State guidelines classify absences as lawful (excused) or unlawful (unexcused).

      Attendance is required of every student every day. Regular and consistent attendance for all students in grades 9-12 along with a minimum academic grade of 60 are required to receive credit for a course. For Havelock High School students, an absence is defined as “the failure to be in attendance for a minimum of 90% per class period.  A standard class period is 95 minutes, therefore requiring students to be present for 85 minutes to receive full credit for daily class attendance.

      The Craven County Board of Education attendance policy states that students who are absent more than ten days and has not been granted lawful excuses may lose credit for the class. The strict enforcement of this policy will be a continued focus for all three high schools in Craven County.


      Attendance Process

      Teachers are required to record student attendance each period of each instructional day, using PowerSchool to record absences and tardies. A mark of 2L (unexcused tardy) will be made if the student arrives to class 1-10 minutes late.  A mark of 2A (unexcused absence) will be made if the student is not present or arrives 11+ minutes late (90% Rule). 

      Questions or concerns about classroom attendance should be addressed with the specific teacher.  Prior to parent involvement, we encourage students to take accountability for their own attendance and engage with the teacher about any possible errors.

      If a student is sent home by the School Nurse for illness or injury, we have developed an internal process to code the absence as excused to avoid an absence notification.  However, if a student leaves due to an illness or injury, but does not check out through the school nurse, an absence notification will be made and will require an email from the parent for an excused absence to be recorded.  All requests for excusable absences should be emailed to the Data Manager.


      Absence Notification

      If a student is marked with an Unexcused Absence (2A) in any period, the parent/guardian will receive notification in the evening, per their PowerSchool contact preferences.  These notifications are sent via phone call, text, and email and will indicate an absence was incurred during that day, but not necessarily for the entire day.  It is recommended that parents/guardians consult the attendance record on PowerSchool and discuss the absence with the student prior to contacting the school.

      Parents/guardians who have downloaded the PowerSchool app can set a preference to receive instant notifications of a change to attendance.  Parents/guardians should NOT immediately contact the school regarding an instant notification.  If contact is required, please defer to email as the primary method unless there is a legitimate concern about student safety.

      If the absence was marked in error, the student should consult with the teacher.  If the absence should be excused, the parent/guardian should contact the Data Manager via email.


      Data Manager responsibilities

      As the Principal's desginee, the Data Manager is tasked to maintain PowerSchool attendance records in accordance with NC and CCS guidelines.

      The Data Manager shall not make changes to classroom attendance without written teacher authorization (email).


      Counseling Department Responsibilities

      The Counseling Department will review student attendance and enforce the NC Cumpulsory Attendance Law by notifying parents/guardians by mail after 6 absences.  All responses to Cumpulsory Attendance letters should be directed to Counseling Department.


    Article Library

    • NC DPI News: North Carolina struggles to count and serve chronically absent students

      In 2018, the State Board of Education adopted a policy that, for the first time, clearly defines chronic absence. Under the board’s definition, any student whose total absences—not just unexcused absences—amount to at least 10 percent of the total number of enrollment days in a given school year will be considered chronically absent. That policy is consistent with national guidelines and with recommendations from statewide advocacy groups.