Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Biers

Welcome to Havelock Middle School.  We are so happy that you are here!

About Me:

My name is Tiffany Biers and I will be your child's English Language arts teacher this year.  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education that certifies me to teach first through eighth grades. I am new to the district as I have moved from Wisconsin to New Bern.  I love exploring the different topics in ELA, from grammar, to spelling, to reading and writing. I hope to pass along my love for ELA to your students. 

I am married to Michael Biers and we have two "fur babies." I have one dog and one cat. My dog's name is Bjorn and my cat's name is Smokey.  My parents live in Iive in Iowa with my youngest sister.  I have 4 siblings and have 4 nephews that live in Wisconsin.  My nephews range from one year old to eight years old and love being outdoors. 


A fun fact about myself is that I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada.  When we moved to Wisconsin, I saw snow for the first time, I cried. 


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