•  Hello Wildcat family!  I am very excited to have been approved by our Board of Education to transfer from Eagle Nation to the Wildcat's Den.  I have been teaching for 23 years. My first 12 years were in Wilkes County which just below Boone, NC. I taught 8th grade for 2 years in a small K-8 school (Roaring River Elementary), then 4 years at East Wilkes Middle School, and then 6 more years at East Wilkes High School. During that time I coached both Volleyball and Softball. Like most people that live in the mountains, I wanted to live near the beach. I transferred to East Wilkes High School in June of 2012. I have some wonerful memories of students, staff and friends. I intended to retire for the last two years, but Mr. Wallace confinced me to stay and keep making a difference. I spent some time in prayer about my future, and this opportunity at WCMS to teach 8th grade again (where I started my journey). So here I am and ready to be a part of this fantastic community! 

    I have two sons (33 & 27), two terrific grandchildren (5 & 4), and blessed with an amazing circle of friends and family. I am truly blessed. I spent almost 13 years in the US Army, and I am a life-time member of the VFW. I grew up on a farm in Northern California.I have lived all around the U.S. and other countries. I love to fish, camp and spend time with friends. I've ridden motorcyles for 40 years and just sold my Harley (miss it already). My degrees: AA from Univerwsity of Maryland 1987; BS from Appalachian State University 1999, MA from Grand Canyon University 2007, National Board Certified 2005-2015. 




  • We are part of Team Lions

    with Mr. Marx (Bobcats)  Mr. McGhee (Jaguars)                                               

     My homeroom are the Tigers!

  • Email: Sheila.holloway@cravenk12.org

    Room 803

    My planning period: 2:00-3:30 pm

  • "The hope of the world lies in what one demands, not of others, but of one's self."            --James Baldwin, 1972