• Families that lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence may qualify for special services.  If you or a family that you know are currently living in a motel, shelter, doubling up with others due to economic hardship, or have other similar living situations, please contact Amanda Hurst, school counselor at amanda.hurst@cravenk12.org or (252)444-5100 or the district homeless liaison, Debbie Hodges, at 252 514-6341 or email debbie.hodges@cravenk12.org.

    If you qualify as "homeless" under the McKinney-Vento Act, you are entitled to certain things.  

    • You automatically qualify for free lunch.  
    • You have the right to continue to attend your current school even if you are staying somewhere else temporarily with transportation provided.  
    • You are able to enroll in school even if you are not able to produce all of the required documents.  
    • Your child is able to participate in any school program or activity in which other children are able to participate.  
    • Your school may be able to provide other services and supplies needed for school free of charge.