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Ms. Carolyn Phillips


I have lived in Havelock since 2006. At that time I became a sub for the school system and was soon encouraged to apply for a full time position as a TA. When I completed my degree, my principal hired me full time to teach 2nd grade at GAB. I taught at GAB from 2008-2018. I taught 1st, 2nd, and 5th grades there. For the 2018-19 school year I taught at Roger Bell New Tech Academy and learned about a million new things! My passion has always been literature, and in 2019/20 I moved up to teach 6th Grade ELA and SS. I love the excitement and creativity in Middle School students! This year I will be teaching 7th grade ELA. 

I have a special skill set where I have a degree in Literature and Publishing, but also an add on licence for Elementary School. I am certified K-6, 6-8 ELA, 9-12 English. 

I love to learn and I find that reading is the gateway to learning about all things. We will be reading to learn about the world around us, contemplate information critically, and to communicate our ideas effectively. 

I believe that middle school is the perfect age for students to take on the responsibility for their learning. With some guidance, they should be able to budget their time, ask clarifying questions, and demonstrate their learning.

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