Parent and Family Engagement Policy




    Title I Schoolwide School


    The staff at Roger Bell New Tech Academy believes educating our children should be a continuous collaboration between the home, school, and the community. To ensure parent and family engagement in the planning and implementation of the Title I program, the following activities will be implemented at Roger Bell New Tech Academy. 


    Written Policy 

    Roger Bell New Tech Academy (RBNTA) staff members, parents and families will jointly develop a written Parent and Family Engagement Policy to be distributed annually to parents and families of all children. This document will be distributed to parents and families in the RBNTA Student Handbook, at intake meetings for new students, on Class DOJO, and on the RBNTA website. Review of the policy will occur annually at the Spring Meeting with opportunities for input at the school throughout the spring via Class DOJO and with Parent Council input via email or face to face meetings. 


    Opportunities for Regular Public Meetings 

    An Annual Fall Meeting will be held in conjunction with “Open House” or another family event to 

    • Inform parents and families about the school’s facilities and its Title I Schoolwide designation
    • Inform parents and families of summary results of the prior year’s EOG testing, if available 
    • Provide parents and families with an overview of the Title I Program 
    • Provide parents and families with information concerning parent and family engagement requirements, assessment data, school performance profiles, and forms or methods of measuring students’ progress. 


     The Annual Spring Meeting will be held in conjunction with another family event

    • To evaluate and/or make improvements on current program or upcoming activities. 
    • To solicit input from parents and families in the design and implementation of the School Improvement Plan and the Parent and Family Engagement Policy for the upcoming year. 
    • To share over-all preliminary EOG results, if available, and alert parents and families that individual reports, if available, will be sent home at the end of the year in report cards. 



    Regular Title I Parent Meetings 

    Title I Parent Meetings will be held during the school year, usually at night, to provide continued information, support and resources for all parents and families. Examples include Reading Parent-Family Night and Math/STEM Parent-Family Night. Parents and families will be strongly encouraged to attend other school events and conferences, volunteer in classroom activities, and observe in the Title I program.


    All meetings will be advertised through RBA social media, Class DOJO, and phone announcements. Sign-in and feedback opportunities in hard copy or online will be documentation of attendance and feedback. Videos for presentations made at any parent meeting will be made available for review through Class DOJO. Flexible times, childcare, and transportation will be provided as needed. Contact the school office at (252) 444-5133 for assistance. 


    Training Opportunities 

    Training topics are determined by our Needs Assessment data and parent and family suggestions. Meetings will be scheduled on a regular basis. 

    • Reading and math training events will each be held during the year between the Annual Fall Meeting and Annual Spring Meeting dates so teachers can 
    • explain state standards in curriculum and recent assessments, 
    • provide strategies to improve student achievement 
    • explain ways to monitor student progress, such as weekly folders, progress reports, report cards, phone communication, and conferences 
    • Parents and families will be notified in advance of the scheduled activities. 
    • Parents and families may request additional meetings with staff members to address questions or comments. 
    • Instructional plans and assessment information will also be communicated to parents and families through newsletters, weekly planners, and teacher websites. 
    • Materials available for parent and family information and for use with their children will be available in the Parent and Family Resource Center. Parents may email Mrs. Taylor at to request materials be checked out with their children for home use.


    Coordination with Other Programs 

    We will meet our goals of establishing liaisons and maintaining communication with other school programs and other related external agencies and organizations through collaboration and coordination with individuals in those groups and through the following actions: 

    • Notifying parents and families of assistance from outside agencies, such as Food Banks, Salvation Army, church programs for assistance, recreation/sports/arts opportunities, Boy and Girl Scouts, Toys for Tots, the public library and summer programs. 
    • Inviting participation by adults from the community into school assemblies and programs with notification via flyers and social media. 
    • Enabling distribution of food donated by a Backpack Buddies and supervised by our school counselor(s). 
    • Supplying transportation and guidance counselor supervision for students who qualify for new sneakers at Foot Locker in New Bern through the Rotary Club. 
    • Supporting participation in school events sponsored by the library/media center, art, music, and physical education teachers at our school. 
    • Hosting Clinical Teacher Interns and Clinical Nursing students from East Carolina University, as available, in our classrooms and school to help prepare them as highly qualified teachers and nurses. 
    • Hosting Marines from a squadron stationed at Cherry Point (when available) as mentors for students identified by staff and guidance counselor. 
    • Accessing services, as needed, through the Crisis Center in New Bern, Craven County Schools, Coastal Community Action, Inc., Smart Start, and MCCS Children and Youth Program. 
    • Supporting the work of the Military Student Liaison.
    • Hosting the Craven County Health Department’s Smile Mobile annually to provide basic dental services to students in need.


    Opportunities for LEP and SWD Parents 

    Once a need is identified, we will attempt to assist parents and families with limited English proficiency and parents and families with disabilities in the opportunity to participate in their children’s educational curriculum and environment. 

    • Spanish versions of district forms will be provided through Federal Programs at Central Services. 
    • The ECP department provides Spanish versions of all forms and documents. 
    • All parents will be invited to participate on school committees, including our Parent Council and Cabinet. 


    Student-Teacher-Parent Compact brochures


    The Compact brochures for each grade level, a voluntary agreement between home and school, will 

    • Be developed with input from parents, students, classrooms teachers, and the School Improvement Team.
    • Be reviewed through the Parent Council and School Improvement Team in the spring of each year for suggestions for improvement. 
    • Be distributed at the beginning of each school year via the school website, Class DOJO, the Student Handbook, and at intake meetings as new students enroll. 
    • Define expectations and shared responsibilities of all parties, 
    • Identify parents and families as equal partners with the school for student learning. 
    • Be discussed at the September Annual Fall Meeting/Curriculum Night in Grades 1-5 and during Kindergarten Orientation for that grade level. 
    • Be posted one in each classroom.


    Parent Advisory Council 

    A school Parent Council will 

    • Be comprised of PTA Board members and parent volunteers, along with Title I staff 
    • Be formed in the spring of each year to help with all aspects of the schoolwide project for the following year 
    • Serve as a liaison between home, school, and the community 
    • Meet throughout the year, as needed. 


    Opportunities for input and feedback will be included at

    • Open House, 
    • Title I Parenting Trainings, 
    • Parent Council meetings, 
    • intake meetings for new students, 
    • and through the school website at 


    A parent will be invited to serve on the School Improvement Team to help develop the School Improvement Plan.


    Educating the School Personnel 

    • The Volunteer Coordinator will be invited to speak at one of the first staff meetings to explain the program and how teachers can help. 
    • There will be a HUG Moment scheduled in staff meetings so teachers can share the effective ways volunteers are making a difference in their classrooms.
    • The Volunteer Coordinator will designate a time for training before parents/families begin volunteering. 


    Coordination and Integrating Parent Involvement 

    At Roger Bell New Tech Academy, we coordinate our programs and activities with the following staff and programs to support parent and family participation in the education of their children. 

    • Head Start 
    • English Language Learners/ELL district leaders 
    • School nurse, counselor, military liaison, social worker 
    • RBA Parent Teacher Association 
    • Public preschool (through the District Title I office) 
    • Godette Head Start 
    • Parent and Family Resource Center at RBNTA
    • Craven County Schools/Preschool Information meeting in late winter or early spring
    • Contact for RBA Homeless Families: Reva Martin, RBA School and Community Liaison Counselor

    Título I - Participación de los Padres


    Roger Bell New Tech Academy está clasificada como escuela del Título I. Esto significa que, debido al número de alumnos que reciben comida de manera gratuita o a precio reducido, el gobierno federal otorga fondos que son destinados al mejoramiento escolar. El dinero se usa para contratar maestros, mejorar el programa educativo, enriquecer la participación de los padres y brindar apoyo a estudiantes que lo necesiten. Estas oportunidades benefician a todos los estudiantes del establecimiento.


    Nuestra escuela alienta la participación de todos los padres y miembros de la comunidad en las distintas actividades y oportunidades de inclusión ofrecidas. Estamos convencidos de que el trabajo conjunto de la escuela con los padres y la comunidad resulta esencial para garantizar el éxito académico de todos los estudiantes.


    A efectos de preservar la salud y seguridad de estudiantes y personal, como consecuencia de la pandemia del COVID-19, por el momento no se permitirá la visita de padres al edificio escolar. Todo actividad para padres, tales como citas, reuniones con maestros, reuniones de padres, eventos de apertura del ciclo escolar (open house), entre otros, se llevarán a cabo de forma virtual, online.


    La siguiente lista incluye oportunidades/actividades ofrecidas por la escuela:


    • Cada año realizaremos al menos dos reuniones de padres a nivel escolar. En estos eventos nos ocuparemos de diferentes áreas del aprendizaje, como lectura, matemáticas y/o ciencia. Padres y alumnos serán invitados a participar.
    • Los padres participarán en actividades y recibirán sugerencias/consejos para apoyar el aprendizaje del estudiante.
    • Nuestro Equipo de Mejoramiento Escolar (SIT, por sus siglas en inglés) se reunirá una vez por mes con el objetivo de establecer los fundamentos para la participación activa de la comunidad escolar y de las demás partes interesadas en el diseño de objetivos y proyectos destinados a enriquecer la experiencia educativa de nuestros alumnos. El equipo genera, revisa y evalúa el plan de mejoramiento escolar.
    • En nuestros eventos de inicio del ciclo escolar (open house), inscripción a kínder, reuniones de padres, y a lo largo de todo el año escolar, hacemos referencia e invitamos a los padres y miembros de la comunidad a participar activamente en la escuela.
    • Brindaremos servicios de traducción/interpretación en reuniones que involucren a padres que los necesiten.
    • Los miembros del personal se comunicarán con los padres a través de diferentes medios: cartas del maestro, notas enviadas al hogar, llamadas telefónicas, correos electrónicos; de ser necesario, se brindarán servicios de traducción/interpretación. Invitamos a los padres a opinar y participar en la toma de decisiones relacionadas con la educación de sus hijos. 
    • Durante nuestra Reunión Anual de Padres organizada dentro del marco del Título I, se brindará información sobre el uso de los fondos y el funcionamiento del Programa del Título I.
    • Los maestros realizarán reuniones individuales con padres (conferencias) a mediados del año escolar. La finalidad de las mismas será conversar con el estudiante y sus padres sobre las fortalezas académicas del niño, establecer objetivos y planes para el ciclo escolar en curso, además de cubrir el progreso alcanzado hasta el momento. 
    • Los maestros entregarán una boleta de calificaciones por trimestre y emitirán informes de progreso a lo largo de cada período trimestral. Se podrán además brindar informes adicionales con el progreso del estudiante respecto del logro de objetivos. 
    • Cada curso tendrá su propia forma de organizar y utilizar el apoyo de los padres, en atención a necesidades particulares.

RBNTA Title I Student-Parent-Teacher-Administrator Agreement

  • RBNTA Title I Student-Parent-Teacher-Administrator Agreement


    Roger Bell New Tech Academy

    Craven County Schools

    Student-Parent-Teacher-Administrator Agreement


    We know that learning can take place when there is a collaboration of effort, interest, and motivation.  As we are all committed to ____________________________________’s progress in school, we are going to do our best to promote his/her achievement.


    This is a promise to work together.  We believe that this agreement can be fulfilled by our team effort.  Together we can improve teaching and learning.


    As a student I pledge to:

    • Work as hard as I can on my own school assignments.
    • Discuss with my parents what I am learning in school.
    • Follow the Code of Student Conduct.
    • Ask my teacher questions when I don’t understand something.


    Student Signature______________________________________________________

    As a parent I pledge to:

    • Provide a quiet study time at home and encourage good study habits.
    • Talk with my child about his/her school activities every day.
    • Reinforce the Code of Student Conduct.
    • Find out how my child is progressing by attending conferences, looking at school work, or calling the school.
    • Encourage my child to read by reading to him/her and by reading myself.



    Parent Signature_______________________________________________________

    As a teacher I pledge to:

    • Provide motivating and interesting learning experiences in my classroom.
    • Explain my expectations, instructional goals, and grading system to students and parents.
    • Explain the Code of Student Conduct to the student and his/her parent(s).
    • Communicate and cooperate with each parent to ensure the best education possible.
    • Find out what techniques and materials work best for the student.


    Teacher Signature______________________________________________________


    As a principal/administrator I pledge to:

    • Create a welcoming environment for students and parents.
    • Communicate to students and parents the school’s mission and goals.
    • Ensure a safe and orderly learning environment.
    • Reinforce the partnership between parent, student, and staff.
    • Act as the instructional leader by supporting teachers in their classrooms.
    • Provide the appropriate in-service and training for teachers and parents.


    Principal Signature_____________________________________________________


                                        “Most important, we promise to help each other carry out this agreement.”


    Signed on this date_______________________________