• Administration

  • Mrs. Michelle Lee


    We are happy to have you with us and are eager to include everyone in the daily
    education of our students. We know that it takes a large number of individuals to
    educate a child. It takes a Village! Thank you for being a part of that village. As a
    village, it is important that as the year goes on that you look for ways that you can be
    involved in the education of your child. We would appreciate it if you would look for
    ways you can help at our school. We are always looking for volunteers.

    At Roger Bell we have high expectations for our students. We know that every child can and will
    achieve excellence. Our educators at Roger Bell will strive to push every student to
    their greatest potential. We will work hard to promote new and rigorous ways to
    think and learn. We strive to teach your children to be lifelong learners and not give
    up. Our vision, “Building a Foundation for Success!” exemplifies our beliefs.
    Our “R-O-G-E-R” behavior matrix plays an important part in how we operate as a
    school. Our students and staff recognize that this framework allows us to have an
    environment that is conducive to learn for all our students. Please take the time to
    review and support this code of behavior with your child. These codes of behavior
    keep our school culture safe and enjoyable for everyone.


    We are so grateful that you have shared your children with us. Our goal is to love
    them, nurture them and provide the very best education for them. Please keep this
    handbook accessible to use as a quick source of information.
    I look forward to working with each of you this school year.