• Samantha Pipo

    I am exctied to be starting my 3rd year at New Bern High School.  On this page, you will find all the information you'll need for my course! 

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    I graduated from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry with a degree in Environmental Biology.  It was there that I found a passion for learning and teaching.  After graduating, I worked as an Outdoor and Environmental Educator for four years before deciding to take my skills to the classroom.  This year, I hope to foster a love for learning through hands-on, interactive activities that inspire students to learn about their world!


    Contact Information:

    Email: samantha.pipo@cravenk12.org

    Classroom Phone: 252-514-6400 ext. 2605


  • Wednesdays


    No direct instruction will happen on Wednesdays during remote learning.


    Students will still have assignments to complete on this day. These will be found on the class's Canvas page.

  • Meeting Schedule for Remote Learning

    M, Tu, Th, F (Instructional Days)                      

     Period      Direct Instruction                       Office Hours

          1               7:45-8:30                        7:30-7:45 & 8:30-9:00

          2               9:45-10:30                      9:30-9:45 & 10:30-11:00

          3               11:45-12:30                   11:30-11:45 & 12:30-1:00

          4               1:30-2:15                        1:15-1:30 & 2:15-2:45

  • First Semester Schedule



    1st Honors Earth/Environmental Science
    2nd Honors Earth/Environmental Science
    3rd Planning
    4th Honors Earth/Environmental Science