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    Spanish 1 and 2 * Fall 2020  

    Señora Tietgens

    Email: *best way to reach me*

    My schedule:  Period 1 =  Spanish 1-1

                                   Period 2 =  Spanish 1-2

                                   Period 3 =  Spanish 2-3

                                   Period 4 =  Planning

                ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! (welcome to Spanish class!) I look forward to working with each of you this semester.  In class we will be focusing on mastering skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing within a cultural context.

    In Spanish class students will be immersed in comprehensible language so that the brain has the opportunity to subconsciously acquire, or “pick up,” what it can when it is ready.  Students will acquire frequently used words and structures of the language by interacting daily with a competent Spanish speaker (the teacher), listening to songs and watching video clips, and by reading often.

    “Language is acoustical, not intellectual.”  ~~ Berty Segal

    LISTENING:  Perhaps the most important and rewarding aspect of using another language is being able to understand what the other person is saying to you. In order for that to happen, one must hear lots and lots of comprehensible and interesting spoken language.  We will be co-creating stories in class, listening to songs, watching/listening to various videos.  I ask that students do their part to make stories and discussions lively and interesting by actively participating.  I call this doing your 50%.

     “Reading is the most powerful tool we have in language education.” ~~Dr. Steven Krashen

    READING:  We will read often in class from several sources.  My goal is to provide students with a variety of comprehensible and interesting reading material.  This will consist of jokes, song lyrics, text of stories we create in class, children’s books, newspapers, magazines, etc.  We will read individually, as a class, and in pairs.  I hope to give the students the opportunity to read at least one novel in Spanish!

    WRITING:  Students will be able and expected to write after a short time.  We will do Dictations, Timed Writings, and Re-Writes of stories, as well as various other written activities completed individually and in groups.

    SPEAKING:  Students will be encouraged in this course to speak Spanish.  Speaking English is strongly discouraged during class.  There are few exceptions to this rule:  a) asking for clarification, b) translating something from Spanish, or c) answering a question asked in English. Offenses to this rule will not be tolerated*, as it is very disruptive to the flow of our class.

    CULTURE:  We will explore some cultural habits, traditions, and experiences of Spanish-speaking peoples in order to better understand their worldview and in turn communicate more effectively.  Certain aspects of culture that come up in class include

                                                            -geography      -pop culture    -politics           -migration

                                                                -current events           -history            -food/cuisine

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