• Creekside School Improvement Team



    We envision a school that challenges all students as learners and inspires them to lead a successful life.



    Creekside Elementary School with it’s families and community will inspire and empower all learners to reach their full potential through rigorouschallenging and personalized instruction.

  • School Improvement Team 2019-2020

    Angie Franks, Principal

    Leilani Camden, Assistant Principal

    Jillian Musa, Administrative Intern

    Jodi Scoggins, School Counselor

    Teresa Lane, Kindergarten

    Crystal Conover , 1st grade

    Allyson Banks, 2nd grade

    Nardi Routten , 3rd grade

    Megan Ireland & Tonya Gent , 4th grade

    Shannon Potter, 5th grade

    Liz Henderson PE ,Specials 

    Rachel Massey, ECP

    Amanda Fahey & Stephanie McGuire, Parents