• The Bridgeton Elementary School Improvement Team is a functioning team of administrators, teachers, teacher assistants and parents representing the BES school community.  The committee works in partnership with the instructional staff to analyze and determine school data in the areas of Student Achievement, Instructional Practices, Staff & Student Demographics, Perception and Programs, that are most essential for school improvement. The School Improvement Plan is a living document that holds the school community accountable to its goals for positive school change and improvement. 

    The BES School Improvement Plan can be accessed by parents, staff and community to review the strategies, processes and pathways in which BES is following in order to produce successful 21st century learners. 


    To access the BES School Improvement Plan,
    ​ please use the following link:

    BES 2019 - 2020 School Improvement Plan

    These documents are edited and revised throughout the year as we continue to improve and better BES.


    The School Improvement Leadership Team will meet on the following dates for the 19-20 school year:


    Wednesday Meetings

    3:15 - 5:00 pm

    Friday Meetings

    7:30 - 9:00 am

    Oct. 9

    Oct. 18 & Oct. 25

    Nov. 14

    Nov. 22

    Dec. 11

    Dec. 13

    Jan. 15

    Jan. 31

    Feb. 12

    Feb. 28

    March 11

    March 27

    April 8

    April 24

    May 13

    May 29