School Improvement Team Mission

  • The Bridgeton Elementary School Improvement Team will collaborate, engage and lead all stakeholders in the implementation and continuous monitoring of the school improvement plan through a ssytems approach with shared accountability for school success. 

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School Improvement Team & Plan


    The Bridgeton Elementary School Improvement Team:

    • Stephen Currie, Principal
    • Denise Smith, Assistant Principal
    • Martina Midgette, PreK
    • Misty Persilver, Kindergarten
    • Brianne Black, 1st Grade
    • Jaime Donham, 2nd Grade
    • Mary Jones, 3rd Grade
    • Emily Winters, 4th Grade
    • Chad Sugg, 5th Grade
    • Tracy Holton, Resource
    • Casey Mitchell, Guidance
    • Robin Hall, ECP
    • Susan French, MCL/Title 1
    • Liz Plummer, Parent

School Improvement Meetings