• Al Lee Let's play cards
    Come join me in playing a variety of different card games from all over the world. Feel free to bring your own deck of cards and teach others your game.
    Amanda Whitford Ukulele Club
    In this club students will learn how to play simple songs on the ukulele. The Ukulele is a small Hawaiian guitar. Students will not need to have any prior experience or their own ukulele. Ukuleles will be provided. If you have your own feel free to use it.
    Amy Miller Online Math Games!
    Bring your iPad and enjoy some time playing your favorite math game!
    Arnita Morris Jumping for Joy
    Students will jump rope. Individual rope, single and double dutch.
    Bob Baggett Boys Basketball Club
    Students will learn fundamental skills of basketball beginning with conditioning. Club will meet in the gym
    Carol Wasicki Adult Coloring, etc. & Mind Games
    Students will have different adult coloring, calligraphy, and how to color-draw pages to choose from. They will also have Sudoku, word searches, and crossword puzzles sheets to work. Adult coloring has been found to relax the brain (reducing stress and anxiety), improve motor skills and vision, and enhance sleep and focus. Drawing improves creativity/imagination, memory, communication skills, stress relief, and positive emotions. Calligraphy nurtures "the spirit", cultivates vision and willingness to learn. Thinking games sharpen the brain (improving IQ), and increase concentration, motor skills, and communication skills. Students will also improve social skills while completing these tasks in a communal setting. They will learn about tips and the latest techniques in these areas as well. A large variety of sheets, games, and basic supplies will be provided; however, students are encouraged to bring their own supplies to enhance their skills and final products.
    Christi Mendes Lego Club
    Bring your own materials and show off your creative side by building the most amazing stuctures. Work together in a group to build a fabulous project. Individual design is also welcome.
    Christy Hazlett Graphic Design Club
    Do you like art? Are you interested in design using technology? If yes, then this is the club for you. We will work on actual projects for our school and community putting YOUR work in the spotlight. We will use iPads, printers, and possibly even a 3D printer. Let's put your art and design to work.
    Dawn Grady Old School Sports
    Ready to run around and get some energy out? It's time for kickball, 4 square, and jump rope!
    Debbie Stephens Card Sharks
    Learning to play card games using Hoyle’s Rules.
    Della Walley Social Citizens Club
    The club is open to all students. The purpose of this group is to promote greater awareness of current events, to encourage the study and understanding of historical events. Students will research current event topics and discuss issues with their peers while providing solutions to certain problems. Students will gain an understanding of civics, current events, globalization and diplomacy through research, debate, deliberation, consultation, and development of solutions .
    Elizabeth DeBoeser Dungeons & Dragons
    In Dungeons & Dragons Club you and your friends will learn how to play this table top RPG! D&D is a game where you and your friends create characters, and run through different situations with those characters. Is there an ancient temple with lots of gold and loot? Go check it out! Is there a rampaging troll that is terrorizing a nearby village? Looks like you and your friends are about to be local heroes. Don't worry if you don't know how to play, I will help you make your characters and teach you how to play. Sign up for D&D club today!
    Emily Myers Buddy Club
    A club for students in EC separate setting classrooms and general education classrooms to form connections and friendships. Students will learn advocacy skills while playing games and planning inclusion events.
    Hodges Poster Club
    In this club we will create, and design inspirational posters.
    Jennifer Walmsley Coding
    In this club students will work to learn the basics of coding and programming using Scratch, Code.org and Spheros.
    Jesse James Ultimate Frisbee Club
    Ultimate frisbee is a team sport in which players seek to score points by passing a Frisbee to a teammate over the opposing team's goal line. Think frisbee meets football. If you're willing to run a little, have a lot of fun, and work as a team, then this is the club for you.
    Jim March Book Club
    Students can take a break from their busy academic day and read for pleasure. Bring your own book, borrow one from the 633 bookshelf, or check one out in the library and enjoy diving into a good book for a little while!
    John Booher Annedroides
    See how middle school age kids work together with androids to solve problems.
    Jordan Alsbrook Critical Beats
    Critical Beats offers students a place to practice and perform their rap in front of others, develop a bandcamp profile, and produce their very own masterpieces. This is a learning environment where students will be able to express themselves through the art of rap.
    Joshua Boyd Collectable Card Strategy Club
    Students will learn strategies to solve problems while interacting with collectable card games in a competitive environment.
    Joshua Kitcin Music Club
    Gotta listen to your music? Well, bring your earbuds and mobile device to Mr. Kitchin's class so you can!!!
    Kristi Frazier Typing Club
    Using a variety of websites, students will play engaging on-line strategy games where they will use figuring, logic, planning and thinking skills.
    Kristina Genovese Feelin' Fresh Club
    Feelin' Fresh Club. The agenda for this club is to just have rest or recreation outdoors or indoors depending on the weather. If the weather is nice, I plan to take the students outdoors to play sports, draw on the sidewalk with chalk, or to just lounge and talk. If we are indoors, they can play board games or lounge and talk.
    Kristina Lowe Puzzle Club
    The puzzles would include traditional jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, soduku puzzles, and other word and number puzzles!!!
    Kristoria Williams Mathletes
    In this club we will play logic games, math games, and solve brainteasers. The goal is to continue to exercise the students brain logically and mathematically
    Lindsy Kievit Coloring & Drawing club
    If you like to relax by coloring or drawing then this club is for you!
    Lisa Connell Make and Share Clay Ornaments
    The students will use clay to create ornaments for themselves and also make several to give to others. We will create them, fire them in the kiln, then glaze them. We have been asked to make 50 clay ornaments for the Nw Bern Historical Society to give as gifts for the participants of the gingerbread house contest and display for this fall. Getting dirty with clay is a requirement.
    Logan Meeks Cornhole
    Cornhole is a lawn game in which players take turns throwing bean bags at a raised board with a hole in the far end. The goal is to get a bag in the hole or on the board. This club will take place outdoors!
    Lydia Matthews Coloring Club
    In this club we will be coloring as a stress reliever after a long week of school. I will be playing school appropriate music while we color. This club is meant to be fun and relaxing on a Friday morning.
    Maggie Jackson UNO and Other Card Games
    Do you enjoy playing UNO and other card games? Then, this club might be for you. We will play a variety of card games. If you have card games at home that you would like to share or play, please bring them as well. Hope to see you!
    Mary Wible Yoga for YOU
    Practice basic yoga postures and breathing in a way that works for YOU. This is the perfect club for someone who thinks they can't do yoga. This is the perfect club for someone who needs to find time to breathe and get some space for themself. This is the perfect club for for YOU.
    Merisha Coble (Cox) Advanced Coloring
    We will use adult coloring books to create artistic drawings.
    MJ Halco Knit/Crochet Club
    Learn the basics of knitting and crocheting! Please bring knitting needles or a crochet hook (your choice), and yarn!
    Nikesha Farrior Color & Sip
    Color and Sip (Juice...just juice!)pARTy-Students will enjoy a relaxing break as they work to complete a famous color-by-number painting while enjoying a refreshing drink and listening to the latest tunes!
    Rachel DeBerry Science Theatre
    In Science Theatre, we will watch fun science documentaries, TED-Ed clips, and make our own fun mini clips about science topics of choice. We will also complete science and STEM challenges. Students will get to work with science and STEM topics that engage and challenge them.
    Rashad A. Thomas Everything Movies
    Let’s talk your favorite movies! Surround yourself with other movie fans to discuss favorites, and upcoming movies that everyone is talking about!
    Ryan Droese Hacky Sack Club
    Students will learn what hacky sack is and how to play the many different versions of the game.
    Ryan Foreman Wiffle Ball Club
    **Outside activity**Played with the rules of baseball but without a need for a glove. Ball and bat provided. Just bring yourself and a ready to play attitude. On days where weather does not cooperate we will meet in Room 741 and an alternative activity will be provided. Ex Rain. Cold weather doesn’t count. Come test your skills, have fun, and drop some bombs.
    Sabrina Davenport Yarn Arts
    We will design various objects out of yarn. Crochet, knitting, macrame and other decorative type items. Students will need to bring at least one skein of yarn.
    Satoria Bautista Drawing Club
    This is a great time to show off your artistic abilities. Please bring your own supplies.
    Sheris Bryant PRIDE
    A club for students that want to participate in small service projects that will help the community as well as the students and staff within our building! "Take PRIDE in what you do, let's help one another, as well are all ONE!!
    Steven Cockroft Baseball Club
    Learn the fundamentals, strategies, and history of baseball
    Tawana Lewis Girl's Basketball Club
    Students will learn fundamental skills of basketball beginning with conditioning. Club will meet in the gym
    Tiffany Mangum Duolingo Club
    Download Duolingo and join Ms. Mangum in learning a new language.
    Tisha Jackson UNO
    UNO is the classic card game that's easy to pick up and impossible to put down! Players take turns matching a card in their hand with the current card shown on top of the deck either by color or number. Special action cards deliver game-changing moments as they help you defeat your opponents.
    Tracy Jackson Line dance club
    Students will learn popular line dances.