Mighty Mustang Club Information and Sign-Ups

  • April 2019 Club Descriptions


    Read these detailed club descriptions PRIOR to signing up for clubs.  You will sign up for clubs using the link to the google form that is below these descriptions.  


    1.  Coding and Programming Robots (Smith)

    In this club we will explore Beginner, intermediate, and advanced coding options, including Ozobots and building and programming our brand new LEGO EV3 robots!  

    1.  Global Drumming (Dyal)

    In Global Drumming we will be learning about different cultures and communities through rhythms and instruments!  Using trash cans, buckets, and small percussion instruments such as claves, shakers, and agogo bells, we will learn rhythms that are indicative (from) other countries and why they are important to our own communities!!  


    1.  Pickleball Club (Boyd)

    Pickleball is a game for everyone! Join us for a court and paddle game similar to tennis and ping pong.  If you are interested in high school tennis or just want to have fun this is the game for you. Sign up today!


    1.  Recycling Club (Tillman)

    The Recycling Club is designed to increase awareness of recycling among students on campus. Our mission is to promote living in a clean environment on campus by educating students on separating their recyclables, compostables, and landfill trash to developing the theme of 3Rs( Reduce, Recycle, Reduce) on campus.


    1.  Anger Management for Life! (White)

    Do you get angry a lot?  Would you like to learn skills and strategies that will help you process anger and react in a more positive manner?  In this club, you will learn more about yourself and your relationships with others and how anger affects those relationships.    


    1.  Culture Club (Frazier)

    The Culture Club explores different foods, traditions, songs and many exciting ways children in other cultures live.


    1.  Sodoku Club (Woodard)

    This club is designed for students who enjoy completing Sudoku puzzles.   The goal of Sudoku is to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers so that each row, column and 3×3 section contain all of the digits between 1 and 9. A  logic puzzle, Sudoku is an excellent brain game.


    1. Great Games  (Finley/Brody)

    If you like to play games, then this is the club for you!  We will have an assortment of board games, cards, computer, and xbox 360 games. We can investigate free games for the iPads too.  Participants may bring appropriate games from home. Join the fun and let’s see who has what it takes to win it all.

    1.  Coloring Club (Waters)

    Do you love to color? Coloring club is for students who are interested in coloring for relaxation, piece of mind or just expressing creativity and meeting people who share the same interest. Students will relax, unwind, and color their stress away while listening to calming music. Participants can bring their own coloring books, pages, pencils and markers, etc.  I will provide plenty of coloring pages and pencils/markers for those who don’t have their own. Come join me to de-stress and color away.

    1.  Mustang Musicality Club (Angoco)

    Calling all singers, dancers, actors, musicians and all those who love and support the arts!   The Mighty Mustangs Musicality Show Troop & Eclectic Expressions Club will be more than the typical drama club.  This club will have duel-roles, 1) perform as our version of a modern-day show troop/glee club. 2) Double as a cast for a musical we will hold in the Spring.  We will foster a home to develop acting skills through song, dance and movement. This year we are focusing this group to perform for a live musical or live performance with story lines.  This is a safe place where anyone can join and belong you do not need to be in chorus or take band. We will foster the talents you may have kept hidden away but really would love the opportunity to develop and shine.  

    As a unified team we will work on interpreting story and drama through music, improvisational skills, character development, creative writing and dramatization, dance and movement.  We will learn to function as a team and also learn to sing solos, duets, trios with harmony and choreographed movement. We will learn famous Broadway show tunes and popular music to incorporate into live performance. We will talk about different aspects of live performance on the stage and behind the scenes.  Many days will be filled with improvisational games to foster your creative spirit.

    Musicality Show Troop will be a group of vocal students who will perform as a unified show choir and Eclectic Expressions will be the dramatic acting portion of this club.  This club is dedicated to bringing the joy and power of Drama, Music and Expression to students by providing high quality dramatic and musical programming at the beginner and intermediate levels. It pledges to offer participants the chance to experience the excitement and rewards of theatre arts while developing poise, social skills, confidence and the ability to work with others.

    This club is looking for a devoted group of students who have a thirst to learn and create.  If you want to learn or think you would be interested in performing in a live musical performance, here is the club for you.  If you sing in the shower or have hidden talents that you want to develop such as a love of acting, singing, dancing, or work behind the scenes to create a live performance please join Musicality Show Troop & Eclectic Expressions Club.  See Mr. Angoco if you have any questions.


    1.  Student Council (Howard/Casey)

    Club designed for those who are elected to Student Council. Tucker Creek Middle serves to engage students in learning about democracy and leadership, while being role models and representatives for the student body. It works as a partnership with students, faculty, and administration through the sharing of ideas, interests and concerns.


    Prerequisite: Elected Representative from homeroom

    1.  “Name this Club” (Pinney)

    Students are invited to explore their passions during Club Time with Ms. Pinney. Students will be expected to bring their own supplies to participate in the following activities: coloring, drawing, reading, playing games (card or board), playing trivia games with peers (on the iPad), Code.org, reading and watching videos about historical battles, researching and playing games about Geography, and playing movie, tv, and pop culture trivia games. Students will not be allowed to watch random YouTube videos or complete homework/classwork. Students are expected to bring their supplies everyday and follow TCMS expectations.


    1.  Art Club (Bowden)

    This club will work on a variety of school and community Art projects.  We will design, plan, draw, paint, print, sculpt and more. Students must be able to work in a group as well as have a strong individual work ethic.


    1. Forensics Club  (Glass)

    Have you ever heard of gel electrophoresis?  Are you interested in Crime Scene Investigation?  Do you have DNA? Well, the Forensics Club might be for you this quarter.  We will try to solve an imaginary crime using the latest in DNA fingerprinting technology.


    1.  TCMS Peacemakers Club (Officer Clark /Mr. Gould)

    TCMS Peacemakers are committed to making TCMS a peaceful, supportive, and safe place for every student. The club accomplishes this through: peer education (posters, presentations); peer engagement (arts and crafts, school beautification, school-wide fun activities), and assisting peers conflict resolution. Activities from last year included: anti-bullying posters campaign, making and giving away bell necklaces and paper flowers with positive messages, and training in conflict resolution peer counseling skills. This year, Peacemakers will be planning and executing several possible school-wide activities including a Walk for Peace and Pep Rally.    


    1.  Playground Games (Sloan)

    In this club you will play games such as four square, tag, kickball and wiffleball. Think of all the games you grew up playing at elementary school on the playground and take it to the middle school level!