Mrs. McCoy
  • A little about me...

    Welcome to your first week as an official 5th grader! I know this year is starting off very different but  I am going to work really hard to make this year your favorite year of school.  I have taught 3rd grade, 4th grade, Title I Interventionist, and now I am the JWS Learning coach. We are still looking for a 5th grade teacher but we will work hard to make any transition for you a smooth one.  When we transitioned to virtual learning last year, I sure did miss all of you. However we as a school were creative and found many ways to collaboratively learn with one another and still feel connected.  Ms. Lynda Lavoie will be helping us as well. She and I will be looking over your work, providing small group instruction and feedback. If you have any questions you may contact either one of us. 

     This week, we will focus on building relationships with one another, learning our classroom processes and how our days will be structured, and using our virtual instruction methods to learn our 5th grade content! Let's get started!



    What is Title I?

    Fourteen of the fifteen elementary schools in Craven County receive Title I funds each year to focus efforts on improving the academic achievement of disadvantaged students. Federal dollars are used to purchase materials and equipment, plan and implement high quality student centered programs, professional development, and to hire additional staff in order to enhance instruction and better meet the needs of all students.  Each Title I school maintains a school-wide status which allows all students enrolled in the school to benefit from Title I teacher support, as needed.

    The Title I program, both at the district and school level, plays a major role in parent support and family outreach efforts. Each of the fourteen elementary schools has a parenting center located in a central area that contains resources, many of which can be checked out by parents for use at home. Parent trainings and activities are also planned and offered at these schools throughout the year.

    Each grade level benefits from our Title 1 and District resources. Each day our grade levels have 45 minutes of Tiered Instructional time where the Title I teachers provide additional support to the classroom and focus on helping students with areas of weaknesses. The tiered instruction and programs used during this time are researched based and data driven for all students in each grade level.

    How do we use our Title I dollars?

    • Title 1 Intervention positions & Multi-Classroom Leader/Internal Coach positions 
    • Classroom teacher positions
    • Student resources for the the classroom
    • Professional Development targeted to training teachers to assist our student populations
    • Parent trainings activities
    • Parenting Center