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Mr. White

Welcome to my web page. I'm very excited to be teaching at HMS this year. I will be teaching 6th gradde social studies this year. I graduated from Barton College, with a degree in Middle School Education w/a concentration in Social Studies. This is my 4th year at HMS. We will be using canvas  for our class this year. In my free time i enjoy coaching sports, playing disc golf, spending time with family.

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 ***Tutoring is available in the morning from 7:40-8:20 by appointment. The student/parent needs to notify me minimum 2 school days of the tutoring date. Ex-Thursday(Let me know by tuesday) If a student lets me know on Thursday then the earliest tutoring date will be Tuesday of the following week.(When we are back for physical school)

***After each test, students are able to do test corrections. After they receive there grade back with the test, they have a week to complete the corrections. Students will write on a peice of paper each questions they missed, as well as right out the complete answer of each question. (NO Letter answers).Also, students will need to write an explanation on why the answer is correct based on research. 1 or 2 sentences is all that is needed for each explanation.  If test corrections are done correctly the students grade will automatically go to a 90%, no matter what they received on the original test.



The May ower Compact (1620) was significant in the political development of the American colonies because it introduced the principle of

A1. Self-Government

-Self government is an important part of the American Colonies and the Mayflower compact because when we fought for independence in the revolutionary war, the reason we fought was for an oppurtunity to govern ourselves. A government for the people, by the people is what we were founded on.