Degrees and Certifications:

Coach Keith Cayton

After working in the banking and fnance field for twenty years, I decided to teach and coached soccer at New Bern High. I have really enjoyed the last twenty-two years at New Bern High. My hope is that through the CTE courses, students will get a better understanding of the world of business and finance.



Welcome to Mr. Cayton’s class. Over the next few months we will learn in a variety of ways. We’ll work in groups, present finings in class, do projects, discussions, and you may even teach a class yourself. Before we begin the course material, we need to go over the basic classroom guidelines.



Unless there is a problem with behavior, you may set where you like. As we stasrt online learning, it is very important we respect everyone in the class.

Classroom type behavior in expected.

Grade Breakdown

Test- 33.3%

Homework- 33.3%




I will offer extra help to anyone who feels they need it, by appointment. Please do not hesitate to ask for help.


Bathroom Breaks


There is plenty of time for the bathroom before school and between classes. I realize that an occasional emergency might occur. You maybe able to go to the bathroom after lecture time of class.



Don’t be.


Makeup work


It is you responsibility to get notes from classmates and obtain missed class work. Makeup test are after school. Any missed work is a zero until made up. Makeup work is not work you just missed the due date on. The due date is when work should be turned in.




Any act or behavior that impairs my ability to teach or some ones ability to learn WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. I have four basic guidelines:


Be respectful.

Be prepared.

Be on time.

No food or drink. (when back in the classroom)


Principles of Business & Finance (POBF) 

Unit Titles/Essential Standards and Objective Statements
(The Student will be able to:)

1.00 Understand communications skills and customer relations.

  • Apply verbal skills to obtain and convey information.
  • Record information to maintain and present a report of business activity.
  • Write internal and external business correspondence to convey and obtain information effectively.
  • Foster positive relationships with customers to enhance company images.


2.00 Understand information management.         

            2.01 Use information literacy skills to increase workplace

                   efficiency and effectiveness.

            2.02 Acquire a foundational knowledge of information

                        management to understand its nature and scope.

            3.00 Understand professional development.

            3.01 Acquire self-development skills to enhance relationships

                    and improve efficiency in the work environment.

            3.02 Utilize critical-thinking skills to determine best options/outcomes.

            3.03 Participate in career-planning to enhance job-success

                    potential. (SUPPLEMENTAL)

            3.04 Implement job-seeking skills to obtain employment.


3.05 Utilize career-advancement activities to enhance

     professional development.  (SUPPLEMENTAL)


4.00 Understand business operations management.

4.01 Adhere to health and safety regulations to support a

          safe work environment.

4.02 Implement purchasing activities to obtain business

         supplies, equipment and services.

4.03 Understand production’s role and function in business       

          to recognize its need in an organization.

4.04 Implement safety procedures to minimize loss. (SUPPLEMENTAL)

4.05 Implement security policies/procedures to minimize chance for loss. (SUPPLEMENTAL)


5.00 Understand Economics

5.01 Understand fundamental economic concepts to obtain

         a foundation for employment in business.

5.02 Understand economic systems to be able to recognize

         the environments in which businesses function. 

5.03 Understand the nature of business to show its contributions to society.

5.04 Acquire knowledge of the impact of government on

         business activities to make informed economic decisions.

5.05 Analyze cost/profit relationships to guide business decision making. 


6.00 Understand financial analysis.

6.01 Acquire a foundational knowledge of accounting to

         understand its nature and scope. 

6.02 Acquire a foundational knowledge of finance to understand

         its nature and scope. 

7.00 Understand marketing and business management.

7.01 Understand marketing’s role and function in business to

         facilitate economic exchanges with customers.

7.02 Apply knowledge of business ownership to establish and

         continue business operations.

7.03 Recognize management’s role to understand its contribution

         to business success.

7.04 Understand the role and function of human resources

        management to obtain a foundational understanding of its

          nature and scope.  (SUPPLEMENTAL)

7.05 Understand operations’ role and function in business to

         value its contributions to company.  (SUPPLEMENTAL)

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