Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Laura Miller-McLemore



I am from Helena, Arkansas. I have a Bachelor's degree from Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri and an Honorary Doctorate's degree from Cornerstone Christian Bible College International in Ft. Wayne Indiana.

Since 5th grade I have wanted to be a teacher, having been inspired by Mrs. Yates, my physical education teacher. I have been in the education field for 30+ years, having taught in public schools in Louisiana, Indiana, and North Carolina. In Indiana, I also worked at a  christian school, where I not only taught, but also served as the principal for a few years. Students have taught me that though I work diligently to prepare and present an unforgetable class lesson, the lessons they remember most are those in which I demonstrate care and concern for their well being. I am excited to be at New Bern High. I will be teaching Math 2.

 “Reputation is what others think about you. Character is the truth about you. Reputation is what you are in public. Character is what you are in private...We manifest character when self-sacrifice for the sake of our principles becomes more important than compromise for the sake of popularity..”   Dr. Myles Munroe