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Ms. Jo Shoemaker

Phone: 252-514-6420


Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Special Education (K-12) Masters of Arts in Literacy (Reading Specialist, K-12) Certifications: Special Education (K-12) General Education (K-6) Reading (K-12)

Ms. Jo Shoemaker

Hi! My name is Jo Shoemaker. This school year is my six year as an Exceptional Children Program teacher at Ben D. Quinn Elementary. This year, I will be working with children in 4th, and 5th grade.  I have a Bachelor of Special Education degree, general curriculum with concentration in reading and a Masters in Reading Education from East Carolina University (ECU) and also hold a license for teaching in Elementary Education.

I grew up on a dairy farm in Indiana and joined the Air Force a few years after graduating from high school. While in the Air Force, I was a mechanic on fighter jets.  I later met and married my husband of 40 years.  We love airplanes and fly control line model airplanes in national competitions, often competing against each other.  I also adore arts and crafts and call it my “sanity”. This past summer my husband and I were able to spend more time hiking, visiting family, and flying model airplanes in contests in Indiana, Maryland, and North Carolina. 

While completing my undergraduate degree, I observed students with disabilities who struggled in all content areas because of difficulties in reading which reinforced my reasons for attending graduate school. I was also fascinated with how children learned to read and as a teacher, how I was able to help them attain strategies that alleviated some of the frustration felt when gaining effective literacy skills.  As a result, students were more eager to read on their own. I enjoy using students' interest in science to drive their motivation for reading and writing.

I was not an avid reader as a child, but now appreciate the many ways knowing how to read has enriched my life.  I believe by acquiring my masters degree, I am not only able to help children with learning differences develop valuable literacy practices, but aid teachers in determining the strategies to help their students obtain “The Need to Read!”