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Mrs. Rebekah Schehr

Hi! I'm Rebekah Schehr, and I am the AIG Specialist and one of the Title One Interventionists at Ben D. Quinn Elementary in New Bern, NC. I've also joined Vanceboro Farmlife Elementary as their AIG Specialist this year. I've been teaching in NC for fifteen years. I worked as a classroom teacher in grades 2, 3, and 4, and I spent two years as a curriculum coach. I received my Master's in Elementary Education in 2007 and my National Board Certification in 2010. I love learning new ways to engage students and incorporate technology into the curriculum!

  • AIG is an enrichment program that is designed to extend the curriculum for those students identified as gifted in the following areas: Reading, Math, Reading & Math, and Intellectually Gifted. We focus on higher-order thinking, problem-based learning, as well as applying technology and hands-on experiences.
    At BDQ, students are cluster-grouped for services in reading and math. The classroom teacher and the AIG teacher plan cooperatively to coordinate differentiated services within the classroom and in small groups. Services for IG (Intellectually Gifted) students are primarily pull-out, where the AIG teacher will serve small groups outside of the classroom setting.
    Students who meet some criteria, but have not been identified as AIG may qualify for Tier I services, formerly known as the Nurturing program.

    • Reading Groups: This option will provide students a rigorous curriculum including literary and informational texts, encouraging critical thinking, while supporting and extending the common core standards. This is provided within the regular classroom environment, or as small group seminars.
    • Math Groups: This option provides a student identified in math with opportunities to engage in problem solving strategies for real world applications.
      These opportunities will support and extend the common core standards while increasing the rigor and higher order thinking needed by gifted students. This is provided within the regular classroom environment, or as skill-targeted small groups.
    • IG Groups: This option provides a challenging and rigorous curriculum for students identified as intellectually gifted. Emphasis will be on visual/spatial skills within the context of Problem-Based learning units. This group of students are pulled out of the classroom at a time that does not conflict with core instruction.
    • Tier I Nurturing: These opportunities, which may be a part of AIG services, provide nurturing for students who show high academic ability, interest, and motivation in the regular classroom. The rigorous curriculum has been designed specifically to meet the needs of high ability learners. Students will have opportunities to discover skills for critical thinking such as analyzing, evaluating, and creating.
  • Title I is a federally funded program designed to provide additional support to students. Our school is a Title I school, and therefore all students k-5 benefit from Title I services.

    • Intervention: Some students may receive services in small groups to remediate skills so that they don't fall behind in the classroom. Intervention may occur within the class setting, or occur by pulling students in small groups.
    • MTSS: Our school and county use the Multi-tiered System of Support, or MTSS. This is a process by which data is used to analyze the effectiveness of the educational services received by all students, and instruction/interventions are tailored to students in need of additional support.
    • Parent Involvement: Title I programs stress the importance of parental involvement. We have parent resources available in our media center. Please come and check these out!
    • Title I Team: Amy Smith is the lead Title I Interventionist at BDQ. If you have any questions, you may email her at, or you may email me at