•     Ms Williamson I was born long, long ago, in (what was once) the small town of Garner, North Carolina.  I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill, where I majored in Education and English.  I taught for twenty years before becoming the librarian at Bangert.  I completed my library degree (MLS) in 2019 from ECU.  I love the opportunity of reaching so many students, and being among so many books!

         There once was a time when I didn't love reading.  A friend of my mother's always gave me books for Christmas-- much to my chagrin.  These "boring" books-- The Secret Garden, The Little House series, Little Women, classics by Mark Twain and Jack London-- all were shoved unceremoniously under my bed.  Then, on a day when I was incredibly bored, I reached under my bed and pulled out Little House in the Big Woods.  Before that summer was over, I'd read five Christmas' worth of books, and yearned for more.  I'm so grateful for that one book that paved the way for my love of reading, and for that wonderful lady who bought me books instead of Barbies.  I strive to be that person who helps students find that book, which will lead them on the path to loving reading!



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