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  • CEC Vision​​​ ​​

    College,​ ​Career​ ​and​ ​Life​ ​Ready...Each​ ​and​ ​Every​ ​Day 


    CEC Mission​ ​​​ 

    ​​Craven​ ​Early​ ​College​ ​united​ ​with​ ​families,​ ​communities,​ ​and​ ​Craven​

    Community College, will provide all students with the rigorous, challenging academic environment that encourages and actively supports high school and college graduation. Our students will be globally competitive for post-graduate education, careers, and life in the twenty-first century


    Craven County School’s Vision

    We envision a public education system that challenges all students as learners and prepares them to imagine and create a successful life; values educators and empowers them to inspire and spark innovation in every student; leads in education and community engagement; and invites all students, their families, and all members of the community to work together to support public education to the benefit of our students, our community, our nation and our world.


    Craven County School’s Mission

    Together with our families and community, Craven County Schools will educate all learners to personal, professional, and civic success through challenging and personalized instruction.

     School Improvement Plan Chair-Mrs. Allison Edwards/College Readiness and Partnership Coordinator

    Student Representative-Taylor Beasley

    Parent Representative-Nancy LaPlante

    9th-10th grade Teacher Representative-Susan Whitfield (CTE)

    10th-11th grade Teacher Representative-Alison Strommer (Honors English III/IV)

    Front Office Representative-Kim Quinn (Data Manager/Bookkeeper)

    Counselor Representative-Erin Blalock

    Teacher Assistant Representative-Andrinika Johnson

    Principal-Todd Bradley

    Desired Outcomes: 

    Upon completion of this meeting, participants will have:

    • Cabinet members will help support, monitor and implement the Craven County Schools and Craven Early College Strategic Plan and goals with a goal of engaging in professional discourse to support a collegial environment of continuous improvement (Next Steps: Goal Teams)
    • Items presented at Cabinet for discussion will include a full summary of the goal to be reviewed, a plan for improvement, and specific questions or issues to be resolved. 
    • When applicable, information and data will be vetted for presentation to the Cabinet and should be in a presentation format ready for review by Cabinet.
    • Role model the core values of CCS and CEC
    • Cabinet meetings will represent the work of the school and system to include:
    • Engage in the continuous improvement of the system with the strategic plan as the road map
    • Development and revision of policy.
    • Guiding innovation by using the Next Generation Framework for Continuous Improvement to provide college, career and life ready experiences that lead to students' high school, college and career success.

    Principal's Cabinet will assist in:     

    • Developing, updating, and implementing school policies,
    • Establishing and monitoring school/district Strategic Directions and Goals,
    • Establishing and monitoring the school/district Strategic Plan,
    • Monitoring, reviewing, and communicating school/district performance,
    • Establishing and role modeling the organizational culture, and
    • Managing and coordinating school/district-wide operations.

     OSA: Optimal Student Achievement

     Goal 1: The Learner and Goal 3: Teaching and Learning


    Goal 1/3: The Learner-Goal Team Manager (Todd and Allison-School Improvement Team Chair)

    2020-2021 Goal Work


    • Pacing Guides, aligned curriculum materials, remote instruction, predictive assessment system
    • Screening and assessment for new students


    • Pacing Guides, aligned curriculum materials, remote instruction, predictive assessment system
    • Screening and assessment for new students


    • Pacing Guides, aligned curriculum materials, remote instruction, predictive assessment system
    • Screening and assessment for new students

    College and Career Ready

    • Policies, Strategies and Processes to decrease short-term suspensions
    • Policies, Strategies and Processes to increase student attendance to 95%
    • Reduce 9th grade retentions


    2019-2020 Goal Work

    ACT WorkKeys Goal Team

    English Goal Team

    Graduation Rate Goal Team

    Math Goal Team

    Math Rigor Goal Team

    Science Goal Team

    MTSS/PBIS Goal Team

     Goal 3: Teaching and Learning-Goal Team Manager (Alison Strommer)

    2020-2021 Goal Work


    2019-2020 Goal Work

    -Teaching and Learning Goal Team

    -Pacing Guides

    -Predictive Assessment System

    -Blended Learning

    -Virtual/Asynchronous Learning

    E and E: Effective and Efficient Operations

    Goal 2: The Educator and Goal 4: Community Engagement and Leadership

    Goal 2: The Educator-Goal Team Manager (Erin Miller)

    2020-2021 Goal Work

    • Attract high quality, diverse workforce
    • Hire high quality, diverse workforce
    • Develop high quality, diverse workforce

     2019-2020 Goal Work

    Teacher and Staff Retention Rate Goal Team

     Goal 4: Community Engagement and Leadership-Goal Team Manager (Amanda Smith)

    2020-2021 Goal Work

    Customer satisfaction

    • Customer Listening System

    Communication System

    • Informing and educating students, parents, district and community

    2019-2020 Goal Work

    Community Engagement Goal Team

    S and I: Safe and Inviting Teaching and Learning Environment

    Goal 5: Systems and Operations-Goal Team Managers (Safety-Tim Ellis/Kalei Brown) and 

    (Operations-Kim Quinn)

    2020-2021 Goal Work

    Systems and Operations

    Local, State, and Federal Safety Systems

    • Reporting and communicating safety results

    Safe and Inviting Learning Environment

    • Reporting and Communicating, facility, safety and learning environment data

    2019-2020 Goal Work

    Operations and Resources Goal Team

    Cabinet Meeting Dates

    Meeting Time: (10:20-11:35)

    Fall of 2020       Spring of 2021

    September 15th   January 12th

    September 29th   January 26th

    October 14th        February 9th

    October 27th        February 23rd

    November 17th     March 9th

    November 24th     March 23rd

    December 8th       April 13th

                               April 27th

                               May 5th

                               May 12th



    Principal-Establish Cabinet agenda aligned to CCS and CEC Strategic Plan, Facilitator of Cabinet, Engage and Monitor School Wide Goals in One Drive. Report out quarterly with at least one member of CEC’s Cabinet to district leadership and Board of Education. Facilitate two Organizational Reviews of CEC Operational and Academic Performance to school and district. Meet at least twice a year with the Executive Leadership Team at Craven Community College and update Memorandum of Understanding for CEC, CCC, CCS and NC DPI.

    School Improvement Team Chair-Alison Edwards, Facilitator of Cabinet in Principal Absence, Update changes in Simbli and record group memory.

    Principal’s Cabinet-Monitor, Implement, Align CEC’s Strategic Goals with CCS and Continuously Improve Operational and Processes for Performance Excellence utilized the Baldridge Framework for Continuous Improvement and Report out quarterly to the CCS District Cabinet and Board of Education. Engage in Next Generation Early College: Framework for Continuous Improvement

    Goal Team Managers-Monitor, Implement, Align and Report Out to Cabinet CEC’s Strategic Goals that are aligned to Craven County School’s Strategic Plan utilizing the Baldridge Continuous Improvement Framework.


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