Craven Early College High School is dedicated to educating its students as whole persons so that they may lead productive and exciting lives in our dynamic, global society. We encourage our students to reach for his/her potential. The high expectations we hold for them are based upon our confidence in our abilities to provide a challenging atmosphere within a physically, emotionally, and intellectually inviting climate that is based in 21st Century Skills. Our students will be College, Career and Life Ready through the learning opportunities at our school and in the community.

    The school was founded to promote innovation and creativity within our goal of having a 100% graduation rate and students completing college requirements of at least two or more years of transferable college credits. Career pathways will be aligned to relevant, globally identified, local and global industry/business skill sets. We will form collaborative relationships with local/global business and industry partners to know what skills to focus on in the classroom to help our students prepare to be competitive entering the workforce. We will also prepare our students to be Life Ready by utilizing/modeling “soft skills” such as communication, teamwork and collaboration, adaptability, critical observation and conflict resolution.

    We are committed to integration of technology through high-level thinking skills, Project/Problem-Based Learning through the processes of reading, writing, listening and speaking in every class, every day. Students will be given opportunities to work in collaborative groups to learn real world communication, active listening and leadership skills.

    We pledge to be responsive to the diverse needs, abilities, and capabilities of our student body. Keeping those in mind, we will strive to prepare our students not only for achieving personal growth but also for coping with transition in our rapidly changing society. We are aware that academic and extracurricular excellence is accompanied by moral responsibility. Toward this end, we realize that a major part of our task is to model exemplary behavior and to instill respect for self and others, city and state, nation and nations, and for the planet itself. WE ARE, CRAVEN EARLY COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL.


    Todd Bradley, Principal Craven Early College High School