• This is a 1:1 classroom. Each student will have their own iPad each day. They will be assigned an iPad and they should only be on their assigned iPad. Failure to follow that will result in losing their iPad. In my class, students will be exposed to and use technology daily. iPads should come to school charged 100% ready for the day, every day!

    Class Expectations:
    *Only use your assigned iPad
    *Carry iPads with two hands
    *Keep all technology on the table to avoid dropping it on the ground
    *NEVER sign in using another student's account information and password
    *Only use the sites approved in class. Searching for unrelated information will result in     
      losing your iPad
    *NEVER search for inappropriate images or information. You will be caught and removed from 
      my classroom by Administration and you will lose your iPad for the remainder of the year.
    *We use technology to enhance our learning, not to play around with it. If you cannot be 
      mature with the equipment, a written assignment will be given to you to replace the regular