• My classroom...

    is an engaging environment where students learn and expand their minds. For that to happen, small group discussions happen daily, but when I am speaking or teaching to the class, I expect it to be silent. Once I get out the information, I want the students to run with it and jump into the task given to their team while I facilitate the learning going on in the room!

    Grading Scale:
    A  100-90
    B  89-80
    C  79-70
    D  69-60
    F   59 or Below
  • Expectations:
    We will follow the school-wide PBIS Behavior Matrix. Consequences will be
    enforced if the matrix is not followed.
    1. Verbal warning 
    2. Silent Lunch with a note, email, or phone call to parent/guardian 
    3. Referral to administration
    **Cell phones must be off and in lockers at all times.
       1. 1st offense Given to admin and they will call parents
       2. 2nd offense 5 days
       3. 3rd offense + 10 days