One school one book

What book are we reading this year?

  • During the month of February, our school will be embarking on a special project, an all-school book club called One School, One Book. Every family will receive a copy of the The World According to Humphrey and will be asked to read it together at home over the next few weeks.

    Your child will receive a copy of The World According to Humphrey at a special school-wide assembly introducing the program and the book. Along with the book, you will receive a reading schedule so that you can keep up at home. Generally, you will be asked to read about 15 minutes each night. 

    In school, your child will be invited to answer daily trivia questions to encourage and reward attentive listening. You will soon find that your child will take pride in knowing and anticipating the details of the story. In class, students will explore the book through activities and discussion. You will want to make sure your family keeps up so that your child can be included. Throughout the event, everyone will be engaging in a shared conversation.

    We know that you’ll enjoy this special reading time with your children. We look forward to sharing this experience with you. "When a whole school reads a book, there's a lot to talk about." With your help, we can build a Community of Readers at our school.

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