2018-2019 Program of Work

  • Special Initiative TeamSecondary Academic Counseling for Student Success - FALL Sessions (2018) October 2,  November 1, & December 6, 2018) New Hanover County Schools - Carolina Beach Road Complex 2814 Carolina Beach Road Wilmington, NC


    The Student Services directors and secondary school counselors will be invited to work collaboratively, sharing and developing best practices to support academic planning for student success.  This will include sessions to share and discuss strategies for student academic planning/transitions, CC relationships, IHE processes, and CTE/Pathway opportunities.  We will begin with a 1st semester focus on identifying current work and possible needs across the region for further engagement.  We will consider Elementary Counselors in a 2nd semester focus around social and emotional issues impacting students and their families.  This program will be developed in conjunction with University Partners and other outside resources.


    Special Initiative Team Sessions: Counseling for Academic Pathways/Success   

    October 2, 2018 – District Student Service Leaders and School Counselors

     Regional/School Based Presentations/Discussions

    November 1, 2018 – Academic Counseling:  HS Counselors –

    State Issues:  New Ideas and Sharing Across Districts

    December 6, 2018 – MS Counselors:

     Best Practice sharing for Transition Services /Academic Planning with Students