2018-2019 Program of Work

  • Curriculum and Instruction Network/Leadership:  6 Sessions: September 12, 2018 (NCCAT- Cullowhee), November 8 (UNCW), January 16 (NCSU/The Friday Institute), March 12 (), May 2 (), July 22-23, 2019 (SEA SUMMIT)


    The C&I Leadership will be the main contact for the C&I Network from each district.  The leaders will meet in the Fall at the NCCAT Curriculum Leaders session. The C&I Network will include grade span directors from across the region, with at least one school level leader from each district to work collaboratively around key issues directly connected to curriculum development, instructional practices, data and assessment, and student success.  These cohorts will work together throughout the year on State-wide initiatives as identified by participants. The C&I Leaders/designees will be the initial contacts for the annual SEA Summit and will develop processes for enhancing this annual event.   The districts will help identify presenters for sessions that are noted in the needs assessment for delivery in Fall and Spring semester and facilitate participant engagement.