Third Grade Daily Schedule

  • 7:45-8:30-Unpack/Breakfast in Classroom/Morning Announcements/Second Step

    8:30-8:10-Morning Announcements/Morning Meeting


    9:10-9:20-Bathroom Break

    9:20-10:20-ELA Hour 1 (10:00 working snack)

    10:20-11:20-ELA Hour 2

    11:20-11:25-Line up for Lunch and Wash Hands


    11:50-12:05-Bathroom Break and Line Up for Resource

    12:05-12:55-Resource (See Resource Schedule for the resource for the day)

    12:55-1:30-Science/Social Studies/Math Remediation or Enrichment


    2:00-2:10-Bathroom Break

    2:10-2:45-ZOOM (ELA Intervention)

    2:45-3:00-Pack Up/Copy Down Homework/Afternoon Announcements