• Craven County Media Coordinators have chosen to do a local version of the Battle of the Books Competition this year to give students the opportunity to participate. We will be following the same rules for a normal competition, but we will only be focusing on 10 books rather than the original 15. The date for the competition hasn't been set yet, but will most likely be sometime in May. 


    Battle of the Books



    Book Titles:


    At the Bottom of the World

    Blood on the River


    The Fourtheenth Goldfish

    The Old Willis Place

    Rain Reign

    Runaway Twin

    Save Me a Seat

    A Snicker of Magic

    Stella by Starlight

    Elementary Battle of the Books is a program sponsored by the North Carolina School Library Media Association to promote reading and to expose 4th and 5th grade students to quality literature in a wide range of genres. A team is selected from participating students to compete in a district-wide “quiz bowl”-style competition.

    Below are the requirements to participate:

    • Permission slip signed by parent
    • Read all books on required list
    • Write 10 BOB type questions for each book and turn in on set due dates
    • Questions need to written in BOB format and need to come from throughout the entire book
    • Memorize authors and titles of all 10 books on required list
    • Attend practice sessions (these will take place primarily during student’s lunch time during school)
    • Students will be required to take a cumulative test on the books based on the number of students that complete the requirements
    • There can only be 12 students on a team
    • Must be in 4th or 5th grade

    Instructions and Examples for Writing Questions

    Write 10 Questions for each book you read. Use these instructions.

    • At the top of the page, write your name, the title of the book, the author, and if the book you used is paperback (pb) or hardbound (hb).

    • Every question should begin with the words, “In which book…”

    • After each question write the page number on which it can be found.

    • All ten questions for a book should have the same answer – the title of the book!

    • Make sure your questions cover different parts of the book. In other words, don’t write all your questions from the first few chapters.

    • Don’t use any of the words from the title in your question.

    EXAMPLE: Don’t use the word “lemonade” in a question about The Lemonade War.

    • Don’t use the names of any of the book’s characters in your questions. Instead use words like, “the main character,” “the mother,” “a teacher,” and “the main character’s friend.”

    • Don’t write questions that could have more than one book as an answer.

    EXAMPLE: In which book does someone solve a difficult problem?

    • Don’t be too obvious. EXAMPLE: Everyone will know that questions about a school music concert or a holiday concert are probably from The Last Holiday Concert.


    1. In which book has a character been saving for an iPod for over a year?
    2. In which book is a character called the “Rubber Bandit?”
    3. In which book does the main character find a dog at the grocery store?