• Our Parent Resource Center is located across from the Red Corridor next to the STEM lab.
    A Parent Resource area:   Books, pamphlets, games, and DVD's on various topics are available for checkout. Parents may check-out "FROG" games,reading skill specific board games, sight word games, and math multiplication games to play with their child at home. These games reinforce reading and math skills. We also have Getting Ready for the Next Grade level" Backpacks.  These backpacks can be checked out at the end of the year to help prepare your child for the next grade level.  This includes readings material, math pre-teaching material, and parent information. 
    In addition, parent training is offered through the Parent Academy program.  
  • Frog Family Fun Packs

    Frog Family Fun Pack Games
    Fun reading and math games which help reinforce skills

    Reading and Language Arts:

    • Skill Level P: Independent reading level 1.0-2.0
    • Skill Level A: Independent reading level 1.5-2.5
    • Skill Level B: Independent reading level 2.0-3.5
    • Skill Level C: Independent reading level 3.0-4.5
    • Skill Level D: Independent reading level 4.0-5.0


    • Skill Level A: Reviews 1st grade math skills
    • Skill Level B: Reviews 2nd grade math skills
    • Skill Level C: Reviews 3rd grade math skills
    • Skill Level D: Reviews 4th grade math skills
    • Parents are welcomed to check out these games!

    • Can't make it in? Just email what skill level

    • you would like sent home with

    • child's name/teacher/grade/phone #

Parent Resource Center