• 2nd Grade 2019-2020

    Learning Focused Lesson Plans
    Exemplify visual arts representing the heritage, customs, and traditions of various cultures. 
    Essential Question:
    How can students exemplify visual arts representing the heritage, customs, and traditions of various cultures?
    Elements of Art
    Lines    Shapes
    Learning Activities:
    Learning Activity 1: MakerSpace: Sculptor, Architect, Artist: Drawing, Artist: Sculpture
    Learning Activity 2: MakerSpace: Artist: Stainglass Maker, Graphic Artist, Puppeteer, Painter
    Learning Activity 3: MakerSpace: Book Designer/ Publisher: Author and Illustrator
    Learning Activity 4: Sketchbook/ Drawing: How to draw a person in motion.
    Learning Activity 5: How to make a frame. How to make all shapes out of a square. How to Cut, Carry Scissors Safely, How to glue. How to make a design the same on both sides. 
    Learning Activity 6: Art Around the World:
    • Continent: Africa
    • Country:                
    • Art Project:  Spiderweb/ Spider        
    • Read the book, "SpiderWeaver". Students learn to make a spiderweb out of cut paper. Review the vocabulary symmetry. Students learn to make a circle, an oval and a rectangle out of construction paper. 
    Learning Activity 7: Students learn to create a pattern on their spider. 
    Learning Activity 8: Students learn to printmake Kente Cloth: Africa
    Learning Activity 9: 
    Learning Activity 10: Art Around the World: 
    • Continent: North America
    • Central America-Country
    • Mexico Art Project: Mexican God's Eye
    • Students created a Mexian God's Eye out of popsicle sticks.

    Learning Activity 11: Art Around the World: 

    • Continent: Europe
    • Country: Polland
    • Art Project: Cut Paper Snowflake
    • Cut Paper Design: Students create a snowflake. Students turn the snowflake into an animal. 
      What is symmetry?


    Learning Activity 12:
    Matthew's Dream - Cut paper, paint, glue
    Anchor chart/ Graphic Organizer:
    Elements of Art Organizer